Adult Support and
Assessment for Dyslexia,
Dyspraxia & Other
Learning Difficulties

Learning difficulties affect people at all ages, not just at school. I have helped adults studying for apprenticeships, those approaching promotion tests or working on a change in career, and university students. I can also undertake workplace assessments.

Diagnostic assessment

This is similar to the Assessment for School Students.


  • You may require something very fundamental. I can help you create strategies for time management and personal organisation. Many people find it difficult to cope with all the everyday demands when away from home, or with sole responsibilities for sometimes the first time.
  • You may have only recently been diagnosed with a learning difficulty, or are returning to study after a gap. I can advise you on strategies for learning, and how best to use any exam concessions.
  • You may need help with report writing, essay planning, organisation and written expression. I can also give advice about note taking and approaches to revision.
  • At university level, some lessons are financed by the Disabled Students Allowance, and other students may have lessons paid for by the university, or are funded privately. Information about DSA help can be found on their website and I am also happy to discuss this with you.

I am registered as a provider of services with the Disabled Students Allowances Quality Assurance Group (DSA-QAG). For information about this, please follow the link to my DSA-QAG page