Student Support and
Assessments for
Dyslexia Screening &
Examination Concessions

Assessments are always carried out on an individual, one-to-one basis and can take place either at my home (see Contact) or at the student’s home or school (with permission) for an additional travel charge. I can perform two types of assessment:

Diagnostic assessment

This assessment provides more information about the causes of difficulties which the student has experienced.  It takes about two and a half hours and results in a full report on the results of individual tests, diagnosis and recommendations for school and for the individual. This will include any concessions which the student could be entitled to in public examinations, such as extra time, use of a word processor, separate invigilation or large print papers. The tests involved are for:

  • Reading, Spelling and Comprehension ages
  • Reading and Comprehension speed
  • Writing (and if needed typing) speed
  • Visual and Auditory processing ability and speed
  • Auditory working memory
  • Verbal intelligence
  • Non-verbal intelligence
  • Visual perception, spatial and integration skills

Access Arrangements assessment

The second type of assessment is not diagnostic, but just focuses on whether there is a need for examination concessions, takes about an hour, and involves only attainment and speed tests. It results in a report on the results of individual tests, and recommendations for school and for the individual, including any concessions which the student will be entitled to in public examinations. I will also advise how the student can best make use of these, such as how to spend the extra time. Note that Access Arrangements Assessment must be carried out by an assessor approved by the school.


Diagnostic Assessment: £380.00

Access Arrangement Assessment: £190.00

NOTE: Some schools will pay for this testing, so it is always best to inquire at school first. I usually ask parents to pay after I have done the actual assessment but before I send the final copy of my report. I will also ask parents to fill in a preliminary background information form before the testing as this can aid the diagnosis.

NOTE: The current requirement from the Joint Council for Qualifications, which oversees public examinations, is that the student achieves a below average score in at least one speed test in order to qualify for extra time. Any concessions awarded will hold while the student is at secondary school, although a ‘top-up’ test is suggested for sixth form in some circumstances. If the student requires concessions at university, the norm is that an Educational Psychologist’s report is needed, carried out within two years of the start of the university course, or else a report by a Specialist teacher with a Practising Certificate.

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